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Organic Cotton Lace Thong Panties

Perfect for daily wear, super comfy and gentle to your skin
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Gynecologists usually encourage women to wear cotton underwear, especially those who tend to have problems with skin irritation and vaginal infections.

We produce our most comfortable and innovative EiVi by Genial Day® period panties from organic cotton and elastane with Silverplus® finish to provide you with freshness and ultimate skin protection. These organic cotton panties are super air-permeable so that your skin can breathe all the time.

Knowing that textiles worn directly on the skin are prone to multiplying microorganisms, we have finished our panties’ fabric with silver ions to give you a feeling of freshness and ultimate skin protection. 

Textile industry is one of the world’s most heavily polluting industries. We don’t want to be a part of this pollution. What we want is to make a change by showing that it is possible to produce nice and fashionable underwear with minimum impact on the environment and human health. Our own underwear factory is a member of the DETOX campaign – a global eco-initiative by Greenpeace. We are certified with Global Organic Textile Standard, as well as Organic Content Standard.

Genial Day underwear has been tested and approved by Oeko-Tex®100 and GOTS. 

Extra feature - Wing Pockets

 We make our patent-pending EiVi panties with double crotch, pad wing pockets, and improved adhesion. The specifically designed wing pockets allow you to tuck the Genial Day® pad wings in, so that they cannot be visible from outside. You can wear EiVi any time you want, even during your heaviest days, and have no worries about anyone noticing your pad. 

8% elastane (spandex)

92% organic cotton

LINER: 100% organic cotton


Features specially designed double crotch with wing pockets to hide pad wings.

Certified Oeko-Tex®100, GOTS. 


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Major benefits of SILVERPLUS®:

 - Its highly effective silver ion technology prevents multiplication of odor-causing bacteria. The unique technology provides protection, hygiene, freshness, and longer use. You can wash this underwear in low temperatures and enjoy lower water consumption.

 - The leading silver ion technology uses the Earth‘s antimicrobial. The natural element silver gives you maximal hygiene, protection and freshness.

 - This technology transfers the element silver into a silver compound that we apply to micro-structured substrates by means of highly innovative coating procedures.

- The product is completely eco-friendly. Enjoy having fresh textiles even after washing them in low temperatures! This underwear ensures lower energy consumption and better CO² balance. With SILVERPLUS®, consumers can both save energy and money, and contribute to environmental protection.

- Our product is an anchor to textile, for it is resistant to washing and dry cleaning without the addition of chemical binders or adhesive systems. The silver finish stays on even after repeated wash cycles, and even standard detergents cannot remove it. 

- Washing the product has no influence on biological purge in the sewage treatment. Within seconds in the waste water stream, the antibacterial silver ions of SILVERPLUS® products bond to the absolutely insoluble silver sulfide (Ag₂S), becoming no longer bio-available. This has been confirmed in the research studies carried out by LAUS-GmbH independent test institute in Kirrweiler, Germany*.

- The cytotoxicity test for safety on the skin has shown that SILVERPLUS® has no impact on the skin’s natural balance. A field study carried out by Hohenstein researchers with assistance of an external dermatologist has demonstrated that silver-containing antibacterial clothing does not affect the skin’s natural flora, even if the person wears it permanently*.

- This underwear is produced in Germany, and is Oeko-Tex®-listed.

- The SILVERPLUS technology fulfils the stringent ecological and toxicological criteria of bluesign®, and has been bluesign® approved.

 *These reports have not been evaluated and approved by the U.S. EPA.

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