Period Panties

Design and fashion is my passion.

Vilmante Markeviciene EiVi period panties invention
I'm a fan of cotton underwear, because I know how friendly cotton is to our intimate bits. You probably know that our skin down there is so sensitive and prone to infections, that's why hygiene and what we wear is very important. Our lady parts loves to breath and with synthetic underwear it is not always possible.
So I decided to design this organic cotton underwear with SILVERPLUS finish, which can bring comfort, skin protection and improved hygiene when wearing daily and panties which could make our period invisible. Watch this video bellow to see how our panties work.
Another great fact about EiVi underwear it is friendly not just for people but also for our environment.
It is possible to make beautiful, fashionable underwear with minimal impact on the environment and human health. Our partner underwear factory is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001. It is also a member of the DETOX campaign–a global eco-initiative by Greenpeace–and is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard, as well as Organic Content Standard. All our underwear are tested and approved by Oeko-Tex® 100. It is dyed with non-toxic dyes.
- Unique silver ion technology provides superior skin protection, hygiene, and cleanliness while preventing multiplication of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor.
- SUSTAINABLE FABRIC CARE. Products treated with SILVERPLUS® technology can be washed in colder water, which will result in energy savings. No need to worry -- your laundry will come out clean.
- EFFECTIVE. SILVERPLUS® bonds with textile without the use of any additional chemicals or bonding materials. Silver finish stays on after multiple washing cycles; even regular detergent won't remove it.
- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. The SILVERPLUS® material has no known negative effects on our environment. Silver ions released back into our environment won’t increase normal levels of silver that is naturally found in soil. This material does not affect important bacteria that provide biological cleaning in the sewage. This was confirmed in LAUS-GmbH studies.
- SKIN FRIENDLY. The cytotoxicity test for safety on the skin has shown that SILVERPLUS® has no impact on the skin's natural balance. A field study carried out by Hohenstein researchers with the assistance of an external dermatologist has demonstrated that silver-containing antibacterial clothing does not affect the skin's natural flora, even if the person wears it permanently.
- CERTIFIED. The SILVERPLUS® technology has been certified in Germany and meets stringent ecological and toxicological criteria of bluesign® and is certified by Oeko-Tex®.