Organic Cotton Natural Charm Bralette

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8% elastane (spandex)

92% organic cotton


Certified Oeko-Tex®100



Why charm, you may ask? Because every woman wants to feel charming, even in organic cotton underwear!

I’ve created this bralette with my teenage daughter in mind (she’s almost 17 and she adores the bralette). I love it and wear it as well, and for a good reason: Not only it’s beautiful, it’s also very comfortable. Made with organic cotton and elastane, the bralette is soft to the touch and cups your breasts giving them a natural appearance. No need for a padded bra or underwire which will only dig into your breast tissue and restrict your breathing. Stylish, soft lace and crossover straps look beautiful when worn with a more open garment. Choose from pink, tan (my favorite!) or black to match your clothes. By the way, our undergarments are made with toxin-free dyes, so you don’t have to worry about toxins.

The bralette also features SILVERPLUS® silver ion finish. Silver is known as a natural protection from vampires... I mean, bacteria.

My apologies, but this bralette comes only in three sizes – XS, S, and M. There’s a reason for that: narrow straps would dig into your shoulders and wouldn’t be comfortable for someone of a larger stature.

Manufactured in Lithuania ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility, involved in Greenpeace Detox program.