Period panties Genial Bikini – Gentle Day
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Period panties Genial Bikini

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100% leak protection. Innovative period panties GENIAL!

This is not just another period pantie! It features feathery soft superior quality, breathable micromodal fabric, leak proof layer with cotton and our PATENTED double gusset with pockets on the sides to hide pad wings (in case you want to use it with the pad). 



Outer layer and gusset: 95% TENCEL modal, 5% elastane. Certified by Oeko-Tex®.

Inner layer: 100% cotton covered with PUL (Polyurethane).

You can wear the panties for additional leak protection during your period when also using a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup. Alternatively, you can wear the panties without any additional protection when expecting a period or at the end of the period when bleeding is less abundant, if you wish to wear panties during abundant bleeding, you will need at least 2-3 panties to change during the day. 

 * Holds two tampons' worth of liquid

 * May be used during the period for leak protection or light incontinence 

 * Perfect for day or night use

 * Sustainably produced TENCEL™ micromodal with elastane is very thin, breathable, and gentle to your body

 * PATENTED gusset area:

   * double layer absorbs your flow while the underlying cotton layer wicks moisture and prevents period blood from seeping through the fabric

   * wide gusset area stays close to your body and prevents leaks

   * if you choose to use a pad, you can tuck in the wings inside the side pockets so they won't be seen on the outside. 

 * No annoying tags


It is recommended that you wash your panties with warm water and soap before the first use. Micromodal fabric is delicate and slippery; you may find that it's hard to secure your pad. After a few washes, the pad will stick better.  


CARE INSTRUCTIONS. Pre-rinse in cold water for blood stains. Wash in cold or warm water by hand or in a washer with similar colors. Do not dry in a dryer. Do not boil. Avoid vigorous wringing. 

Designed and patented in Europe. Made with sustainable TENCEL™ fabric. Manufactured in China.