Postpartum Gentle Care Box

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At Gentle Day we know how it is important to use premium quality and safe products after you delivered a baby. You need gentle and toxin-free products, to let you heal faster and with no harm to your body. This Postpartum Gentle Care Box of eco-certified personal hygiene products will help you to recover faster. :

2 ct (12 pads) Extra Heavy / Maternity pads with FAR-IR Anion strip - you can use these pads second of third day after giving birth, during extra heavy flow days or nights

1 ct (8 pads) Heavy Flow or Overnight 

1 ct (10 pads) Regular flow - once you flow no longer too heavy

1 ct (20 liners) Absorbent Liners, great for light bleeding, of if you will experience light incontinence 

1 ct Gentle Unscented Intimate and Body Wash will take care of your lady bits gently

1 ct Unscented Bamboo Wet Wipes for your intimate parts on the go