Organic Cotton Supreme Elegance Cotton Panties

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Patented, organic cotton, SILVERPLUS finish, Full Coverage Lace Hipster Panties

Features specially designed double crotch with wing pockets to hide pad wings.

92% organic cotton

8% elastane (spandex)

LINER: 100% organic cotton


Certified Oeko-Tex®100. 


Elegance rules!

It’s undeniable: the panties radiate that elegant and feminine look. Higher waist, fuller coverage of your butt will hide everything you may want to keep out of sight. Like all other EiVi panties, these are also made with organic cotton and elastane, featuring silver ion finish. Who needs silver ions, you may ask? Silver ions provide much-needed protection from bacteria; as a result, your skin will be less prone to irritation. In addition, silver ions protect from unpleasant odor, so you can feel even fresher. All EiVi panties feature patented double crotch with pockets, designed to hide the wings of your maxi pad. If you decide to wear the panties during your period, you will feel completely discrete and safe, even if you choose to frolic in your undies. Even then, your sanitary napkin will remain hidden, so you can look classy and elegant.

If you’re a plus size girl, you’ll feel that these panties have been created just for you! This model runs in sizes from S to XXL, and you can choose from three beautiful colors. If you have trouble choosing, get them all – for every life occasion.

Manufactured in Lithuania ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility, involved in Greenpeace Detox program.