Organic Cotton The Power of Seduction Panties

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Patented, Organic Cotton with SILVERPLUS finish Thong panties

FEATURES specially designed, patented double crotch with wing pockets to hide Genial Day pad wings. Also can work perfectly with reusable pad.

8% elastane (spandex)

92% organic cotton

LINER: 100% organic cotton


Certified Oeko-Tex®100

Seduction rules!

There were times when I used to wear thongs only... While I still feel young, I now reach for a thong only when I must wear a close-fitting dress. I’ve created this model for my friends who still can’t live without a nice pair of "Seductresses."

How our panties differ from other thongs? You've probably heard that due to their narrow crotch and close contact with our bodies, thongs can be a cause of frequent vaginal infections. It's especially true if a thong is made of synthetic fabric. Our "seductresses" feature a slightly wider crotch and are made with organic cotton, which, has been dyed using toxin-free dyes. As a result, they won't release any toxins into your body. To fight infections, we have used silver in the panties' finish. Silver has been known for ages as having antibacterial properties. Before the invention of refrigerators, people would place silver in milk to prevent it from spoiling. So, hopefully, our panties will save you from yeast infection (insert your own inappropriate food joke here).

In case you were wondering, "The Power of Seduction" panties feature our patented double crotch. If you choose to wear them during your period, you'll be able to tuck in and hide the wings of your menstrual pad (but there is no Thong shape pads, so . On the other hand, three-layered crotch will help you feel drier every day as well.

Manufactured in Lithuania ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility, involved in Greenpeace Detox program.