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TEENS MINI Eco Certified Pads (Towels) with Anion Strip 12 PC

Free of harmful chemicals, Made for Health® and Oeko-Tex® certified
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Ultra-thin, super soft and super comfy MINI pad, towel with wings to stay in place. This one will be your favorite of all for your last days of a period. Although our MINI is small but with a big absorbtion power with help of miracle superabsorbent gel. Choose this kind for light flow, or you can use it as a pantiliner when you need better protection with heavier discharge or light incontinence.

What you won’t feel with our pads (towels)?

  • No feeling moist – super soft cottony top layer passes through the liquid and stays dry.
  • No heat and sweat – since all layers are breathable, even the bottom plastic layer. 
  • No burning, itching or swelling sensations in your intimate area – the pad does not contain harsh chemicals which can cause those feelings, pH is friendly to your skin (it is very important factor for your wellbeing and good health).
  • No fishy smell – the yellow odor control strip will work on that.
  • No insecure feeling – eco-friendly super absorbent layer will turn the blood in to the gel.
  • It will sound unrealistic, but you won’t feel your menstruation – really, many women say that with Gentle Day® pads (towels) they forget about menses it become less noticeable and hustle free.

What will you feel with our pads (towels)?

  • Secure for longer period of time.
  • Comfy, comfy and even more comfy.
  • Less skin irritation.
  • Cool and dry.
  • Fresh and clean.
  • Peace of mind.
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Oeko-Tex 100  certificate
Oeko-Tex 100  certificate
Oeko-Tex 100 certificate

Neturi kenksmingų chemikalų.

Made for Health
Made for Health
Made for Health

Nedirgina odos.

Made for health
Made for health
Made for health

Made for health



Eco certified
Eco friendly
No skin irritation
No harmful chemicals

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