Organic Cotton Bra Comfy Day

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8% elastane (spandex)

92% organic cotton


Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Comfort for your day and even night!

This is the bra designed for women to feel comfortable during the day and even night. It does not restrict your movements, so you can even forget that you are wearing the bra. All our bras are designed to make your life easier when traveling; the bras that you couldn’t wait to put on as soon as you come back home from work; perhaps even exercise wearing one of them.
It is also super comfy for nursing a baby. The bra allows easy access to your breast when it’s time to feed the baby; in addition, enlarged breasts during nursing mean that your old bras no longer fit, but this wouldn’t be an issue with this comfortable bra. It's very stretchy (because it’s made with elastane). Unlike a typical bra, this one is comfy enough to sleep in and it’s designed to accommodate nursing pads perfectly, they never get lost in the bra.
Nursing women know a thing or two about cracked nipples. Since this bra has a silver ion finish – which is known for its antibacterial qualities – cracked nipples may heal faster.
You will feel free and comfortable with this eco-friendly bra! It fits your body contours well and supports your breasts, while wide straps won’t dig into your shoulders. If you enjoy feeling unrestricted and care to provide your precious breasts with the utmost comfort at home, while exercising or traveling – this bra should be your #1 choice!
Manufactured in Lithuania ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility, involved in Greenpeace Detox program. 
The 1st photo - model is wearing S size (bust measurements 89 cm); last photo - model is wearing L size (bust measurements 105 cm).