Experiencing Pain or Irritation During Your Period?

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  • Free of harmfull chemicals

  • Organic cotton

  • Not tested on animals

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Recognized in the US

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  • Innovative FAR-IR Anion™ Strip to ease menstrual discomfort, reduce the risk of skin irritation and odor.
  • Tested for Harmful Substances, Certified by Oeko-Tex®, Made for Health®, Leaping Bunny, VEGAN.
  • Clinically proven - not irritant. Skin friendly pH. Recommended by gynecologists and naturopaths. 
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Organic and Hypoallergenic

Dermatological, skin patch, and cytotoxicity tests as well as our clients’ reviews show no evidence of skin irritation. You won't find fragrances in any of our products. They all have a skin-friendly pH, are free of toxic chemicals and are OEKO-TEX®, VEGAN, and Made for Health® certified.

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Join thousands of women worldwide who have chosen GENTLE DAY® products. Leave embarrassing rashes, annoying skin irritations, and other unpleasant sensations you might experience during your period behind. Feel confident and protected!

  • "This is the best pad to wear at night and for a new teen who has a heavy flow. Can't beat the confidence this provides a shy teen prone to accidents. Great for an adult who doesn't want to worry when sleeping on your back."

    - ANGIE

  • "Best thing ever did taking care of myself during my period! Very comfortable and soft to skin. Highly recommended.👌"

    - GERIDA

  • "I am very satisfied with my purchase, best pad so far, feels like i dont wear anything, they are breathable and yet very apsorbable."

    - ADELA

It's my story

I was like many other women who hate their periods. I was constantly having yeast infections. But 12 years ago the love story between my period and I started with GENIAL DAY® pads. Now I am on a mission to bring harmony and balance to your period too...

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We are on a mission

By purchasing GENTLE DAY® products, you are contributing to the support of girls and women who have faced difficult challenges in life.

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