Founded in Europe

Founded in 2009, the family-owned self-funded company revolutionized the feminine hygiene market not only in the EU, but also US, and Canada.

  • SAFE

    Laboratory and clinically tested and certified products.


    Effective, highest-quality products created by a woman.


    Innovations that help women to ease periods and eliminate discomfort.


    Health and sustainability are our priorities when developing our products.

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Menstruation is a mirror to our health

A woman's cycle is a natural process in which a woman goes through winter, spring, summer, and autumn. We believe that a balanced menstrual cycle brings peace and harmony to women.


Our mission is to help menstruating people tame their period, not only through the creation of innovative products but also through education. Therefore, we invite you to join our social media channels to learn more about your cycle.

We are on a mission

We want to help to improve the way menstruating people feel about their periods by educating them about their reproductive health and the environment, and by designing the highest quality, functional period and body care products.

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    Founded in 2009 GENTLE DAY® is renewing its brand logo to a more contemporary look in 2022. Products under the GENTLE DAY® brand are sold in Europe.

  • EiVi by Genial day®

    This is our patented underwear brand which was born in 2016 and inspired by the founder's daughter Eiva.


    The brand was founded in 2015 and registered in the EU, US, and Canada. This brand can be found online and in stores in the US and Canada.

Where in the world you can find our products

We strive to become a globally recognized brand and help women around the world to tame their period.

European customers can find GENTLE DAY® in stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Online at

UK customers can shop at

GENIAL DAY® pads, liners, cups, and wipes can be found in natural food stores in the US, also the US online at and

GENIAL DAY® pads, liners, and wipes can be found at Whole foods, and other natural food stores in Canada, also at

Don't be surprised if, while visiting the Bahamas, you will see GENIAL DAY® pads on the shelves.

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