Founded in Europe in 2009

In 2009, from the heart of Lithuania, with the help of my family, I founded a self-funded company with a vision: to revolutionize the feminine hygiene market. Today, our impact spans not only the EU but also the US and Canada.

From Personal Struggle to Entrepreneurial Vision

In my mid-thirties, I stumbled upon a game-changing sanitary pad that completely transformed my experience with periods. Gone were the skin irritation, cramps, and leaks. Even my recurring yeast infections disappeared. I was blown away. Realizing the impact this could have on other women, I made it my mission to make this product widely available. I wanted to help women have a more balanced and stress-free menstrual cycle. This led me to become an entrepreneur, and thus began my journey.


After experiencing the life-changing benefits of that revolutionary sanitary pad, I knew the mission didn't end with just one product. I recognized the broader need to educate and empower women, helping them understand and embrace their cycle. Our mission extends beyond offering innovative products; it's about creating a community where knowledge is shared and periods are tamed. I invite you to be part of this journey. Connect with us on our social media channels, where we delve deeper into understanding and navigating the intricacies of menstrual health.

Empowering Every Cycle

After seeing firsthand the transformative power of quality period care, I recognized the importance of ensuring that every woman and girl has access to these essential products. That's why a portion of our profits is dedicated to donating menstrual products to those in need. We believe that access to period care is a right, not a privilege, and we're committed to making a difference in the lives of those who might otherwise go without.

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    Founded in 2009 GENTLE DAY® is renewing its brand logo to a more contemporary look in 2022. Products under the GENTLE DAY® brand are sold in Europe.

  • EiVi by Genial day®

    This is our patented underwear brand which was born in 2016 and inspired by the founder's daughter Eiva.


    The brand was founded in 2015 and registered in the EU, US, and Canada. This brand can be found online and in stores in the US and Canada.

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  • SAFE

    Laboratory and clinically tested and certified products.


    Effective, highest-quality products created by a woman.


    Innovations that help women to ease periods and eliminate discomfort.


    Health and sustainability are our priorities when developing our products.

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Where in the world you can find our products

We strive to become a globally recognized brand and help women around the world to tame their period.

European customers can find GENTLE DAY® in stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Online at

UK customers can shop at

GENIAL DAY® pads, liners, cups, and wipes can be found in natural food stores in the US, also the US online at and

GENIAL DAY® pads, liners, and wipes can be found at Whole foods, and other natural food stores in Canada, also at

Don't be surprised if you see GENIAL DAY® pads on the shelves while visiting the Bahamas.

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