On a mission

We won't change the world, we're just too small, but if we can share, maybe we'll help those who need it most today. Therefore, first of all, we want to thank everyone who trusts GENTLE DAY®, and buys our products - together we can help other women and girls.

Donation to Ukrainian women

The war in Ukraine has shocked many. Our company is no exception. We feel deeply for the women who have suffered violence and abuse in this brutal war. Therefore, without even hesitating, just after the start of the war, we donated more than 10,000 packages of hygiene products for Red Cross Lithuania, the association "Lygiai". Our support continues today thanks to all of you.

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Donations to schools

We all know, that accidents related to periods happen at school, and girls are not always prepared for that. In 2016 we started a project "ECO Generation". The goal is to supply feminine hygiene products to all Lithuanian schools and educate girls about periods, body care, and sustainability.

We’ve donated over 1 000,000 sanitary napkins to local schools.


in 2019 we implemented another long-cherished project for teenage girls and their parents in Lithuania #TameYourPeriod, which aims to educate girls, mothers, and fathers about the maturing body, menstruation, and changes in adolescence.

Girls Support Girls

Our latest project which was born in 2022 is "Girls support Girls". The goal is to help girls in need to empower them by helping to better understand their bodies during puberty and to introduce them to the available menstrual products while emphasizing sustainability.