Helping and sharing

Our Mission is to help women to live in harmony with their body, with their period and the environment. Provide support and daily necessities to women and girls in need. 

By purchasing GENTLE DAY  products you are sharing the goodness with those girls and women in need. With your support we have donated more that 500'000 pads, we educated more than 1000 school girls about puberty and healthy periods. And we will not stop just here.

Vilmante MArkeviciene at charity event
Vilmante Markeviciene
At the charity event "The garden of life"


Our values

Honesty and respect to everyone. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Truthfulness. Truthfulness is the very basis for trust, and trust is of fundamental importance in every aspect of our life and business. We strive to promote trust between kids and their parents, between friends and acquaintances, customers and partners. 

Courage. The courage to try at doing something new. The courage to take responsibility for our own mistakes. The courage to challenge ourselves and do good work every single day.

Professionalism. We strive to learn something new every day, and to be true professionals in whatever we do.

Positivity. We seek to be positive and love life under any conditions.