EiVi cotton cheekini period panties underwear
EiVi patented double gusset underwear period panties
EiVi cotton cheekini period panties underwear
EiVi cotton cheekini period panties underwear
EiVi cotton cheekini period panties underwear

Natural Charm Period Panties

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Patented, Organic Cotton with SILVERPLUS finish low rise Cheekini Lace Panties

FEATURES specially designed, patented double crotch with wing pockets to hide Genial Day pad wings. Also can work perfectly with reusable pad.

8% elastane (spandex)

92% organic cotton

LINER: 100% organic cotton


Certified Oeko-Tex®100


There are days and occasions when you want to look charming. Soft and gentle lace make these panties charming; they will make you feel charming as well. I love wearing these panties because of their close-fitting properties: They will not dig into places where they’re not supposed to or give you a wedgie.

Like all our underwear, these panties are made with organic cotton and elastane, coated with silver ion finish. Silver ions provide much-needed protection from bacteria; as a result, your skin will be less prone to irritation. In addition, silver ions protect from unpleasant odor, so you can feel even fresher. All EiVi panties feature patented double crotch with pockets, designed to hide the wings of your maxi pad.

Although the panties do have the above-mentioned double crotch, don’t forget that the pad can be seen through transparent lace, so the best idea is to enjoy the panties on a regular day and not when you’re on your period.