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Organic Regular Flow Pads w/ FAR-IR ANION Strip

Organic Regular Flow Pads w/ FAR-IR ANION Strip

The only patented organic pads with FAR-IR ANION Strip, 10 ct

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Experience exceptional comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle with our Organic Regular Flow Pads. These pads may be "regular," but they're anything but ordinary. Our high-absorbency, ultra-thin pads are designed with your comfort in mind.

Crafted from 100% eco-certified materials, GENTLE DAY® pads provide natural protection that's gentle on your skin and the environment. With the added benefit of FAR-IR Anion Strip, you can experience reduced discomfort during your period.

Our pads absorb up to 10x more than other "regular flow" pads on the market, meaning you can go about your day with confidence and without worrying about leaks.

Choose a pad that's as extraordinary as you are - choose our Organic Regular Flow Pads.

Length: 240 mm / 9.45 in

Absorbency: 120 ml / 4.3 oz


✔ Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, non-chlorine bleached, toxin-free
✔ Maximum comfort and protection from leaks
✔ Quick-dry top layer to keep your skin dry
✔ FAR-IR ANION Strip™ for maximum hygiene, all natural odour control, and skin protection ✔ Breathable, ultra-thin, and flexible
✔ Non-toxic, super-absorbent polymer layer absorbs several hundred times more than its weigh
✔ Eco-certified and VEGAN
Patented. Designed in Lithuania, manufactured in China ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility. FDA registered in the USA.


Free of dyes, perfumes, chlorine bleach, and heavy metals.
Certified OEKO-TEX®, MADE FOR HEALTH®, VEGAN (Vegetarian Society).
• Hydrophobic Non-Woven Material (Polypropylene): This material stays dry, preventing skin irritation and ensuring you feel drier.
• Patented Yellow FAR-IR ANION Strip: Our innovative strip combines natural protection with mineral tourmaline and silver ions, effectively preventing bad odors, and bacterial growth, and reducing discomfort during menstruation.
• Air-laid layer with Cotton: This layer rapidly absorbs blood and evenly distributes it to the next layer for superior absorption.
• Non-Toxic Absorbent Japanese Polymer: Our non-toxic polymer can absorb several hundred times its weight, providing exceptional absorbency.
• Calcium Carbonate-Infused Plastic: Our plastic is enriched with calcium carbonate, ensuring excellent air permeability for breathability.
• Non-Toxic Adhesive Strips: Our adhesive strips are non-toxic, ensuring strong adhesion that keeps the pad securely in place.


Regular flow | medium incontinence | sensitive skin | frequent infections | painful menstruation


To use: Peel off the plastic wrapper, center the pad on your underwear with the wider part at the back, press it down, and fold the wings underneath. To dispose of: remove the pad from your underwear, wrap it in toilet paper or a pad wrapper, and put it in a waste bin.


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    Patented and revolutionary FAR-IR ANION Strip™ – natural protection against bacteria & odour. May help eliminate period discomfort.


    The pads are highly absorbent with biodegradable super absorbent core, and wings (superior absorbency - up to 122 ml).


    Free of toxic chemicals and reproductive system disruptors, skin friendly pH levels. OEKO-TEX®, Made for Health® and VEGAN certified. Dermatologically tested.

Patented technology

Concerned about your health and safety, but still want to feel comfortable and fresh? GENTLE DAY Eco-certified pads were designed with YOU in mind - to help alleviate the common problems associated with PMS and vaginal infections. They are the healthiest, safest, most absorbent, comfortable and eco-friendly pads out there! The new anion strip technology with tourmaline allows for fragrance-free odour control which also eliminates toxic chemicals. GENTLE DAY eco-certified pads are also clinically tested for bio-compatibility, so they won't cause irritation.

Size is important

We got you covered. Feel confident and stay protected from leaks with our amazing options of different sizes and absorbency levels.

Size 3 on days when your flow is light.

Size 4 is best for daytime use. Up to 8 hours of protection.

Size 5 is best for nighttime use, with extra coverage and extra wings in the back. Up to 10 hours of leak protection. 
Size 6 is best for extremely heavy or postpartum flow, with extra coverage and extra wings in the back. Up to 10 hours of leak protection. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Adela Medvedac
Best pads

I am very satisfied with my purchase, best pad so far, feels like i dont wear anything, they are breathable and yet very apsorbable.

Love these!

I love these pads and use them every month faithfully. I like that they are discreet, and the anion strip seriously helps with the smell from your cycle. I wish that these were out when I was younger! Make sure to place it correctly to avoid any moving or bunching. If you are going to have your cycle every month, make sure to use pads that will make it comfortable and easier on you.

Nakia Sutton
Love them

There is no other brand that I would use besides Gentle Day. I was happy to see when they were restocked.

Courtney Phippen
Customer service email

I absolutely love these products and they really help me feel more successful during my cycle. It can be very difficult to find a company that you really enjoy. I hope this company stays around for a long time!

Rhonda Lagarde

ECO-certified Regular Flow Pads with Anion Strip