Creating a Better Period Experience: The Birth of Gentle Day Period Panties

Creating a Better Period Experience: The Birth of Gentle Day Period Panties

Period panties have been around for several years now and are still in high demand. Women who are looking for an alternative to pads or tampons have found period panties to be a good option. However, there are mixed reviews about these products. Some women find them to be effective, while others do not.

Not the Best Experience

Vilmante Markeviciene, GENTLE DAY founder has been working in the sanitary products field for over a decade had a mixed experience with various brands of period panties. She found that even though period panties were of good quality, they were not as effective as expected in terms of leakage protection.

She tried different brands such as Thinxs, Modibody, and Ruby Love. Thinxs were comfortable, but she had to change them every couple of hours due to heavy flow. Ruby Love was not flattering, and the model dug into her skin, giving the feeling of wearing a maxi pad. Modibody, on the other hand, was comfortable, but the bulky layers made it hard to wash and leaked after several hours.

Based on her experience, she concluded that period panties can only be worn as a backup for women with heavy flow. They are suitable for women with a light or regular flow, but the washing part can be quite challenging. To prevent leaks, women must wear them with backup. She created and patented her own period panty, which meets all her criteria for comfort, leak-proof, thinness, breathable, , and sustainability.

The Sustainable and Effective Design of GENTLE DAY Period Panties

GENTLE DAY Period Panties are made of eco-certified layers. The body fabric is the best in the world Austrian TENCEL® micro modal, which is breathable, super-light, extremely thin made from wood. The leak-proof layer is made of sustainable cotton fabric with a thin layer of TPE (tested for harmful chemicals and OEKO-TEX certified) to make the panties leak-proof. The patented double crotch serves two functions: to absorb leaks and to hide pad wings if one is wearing the panties as a backup.

The founder, suggests wearing GENTLE DAY panties as extra protection against leakage when wearing a menstrual cup, pad, or tampon. They are especially suitable for nighttime protection. Women with light or regular menstrual flow can wear them without any backup. The panties absorb from 2-4 tampons worth of fluid. However, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of panties when wearing them without backup.

To take care of period panties, wash them in lukewarm water with soap after purchasing them. If they get bloody, soak them in cold water, rinse, and then wash them by hand or in the washing machine with cold or warm water. Avoid letting the blood stains dry out as they will be hard to wash away. Hang the panties to dry.

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Overall, period panties can be an excellent alternative to pads or tampons, but they are not foolproof. It is best to use them with backup, especially for those with heavy menstrual flow. With proper care, period panties can be a comfortable and sustainable option for menstrual hygiene.

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