The Future of Menstruation: Innovative Solutions for a More Comfortable and Sustainable Period.

The Future of Menstruation: Innovative Solutions for a More Comfortable and Sustainable Period.

Julia had struggled with menstrual leaks for years.

She is a yoga instructor who has always led an active lifestyle. However, during her period, she would often find herself feeling uncomfortable and restricted. Her heavy flow and the fear of leaks made it difficult for her to fully immerse herself in her yoga practice, and it was a constant source of stress and anxiety, and it took a toll on both her physical and mental well-being.

Julia isn’t the only person that feels this way. 

A study published in the Journal of Women's Health found that approximately 60% of women experience menstrual leaks at least once a year. 

Of those who experienced leaks, 79% reported experiencing leaks during the day, and 60% reported experiencing leaks at night.

Julia also has a teenage daughter who is trying to stay active and does gymnastics at school. Her daughter had expressed similar concerns about leaks during her period and was often hesitant to participate in her gymnastics practice.

“That’s when I knew I needed to find a reliable and innovative solution both for me, and my daughter.” She said fiercely. “My daughter tried using tampons in the past, but found it uncomfortable to sit all day at school while wearing them. As a result, I’ve been on the lookout for alternative solutions that will work better for her needs. It's important to find a product that is comfortable and allows her to feel confident throughout the day, especially when she's away from home for extended periods of time.”

One day Julia heard about Gentle Day period panties and decided to give them a try. Although she was initially skeptical because she had tried similar products in the past with little success, to her surprise, these really worked for her!

“At first”, Julia reports, “I wasn’t sure if it would really work the way I wanted. But after trying it a couple of times I knew I found a life-changing solution!”’

"I have to say, Gentle Day period panties have been a game-changer for me. It's amazing how much of a difference a product can make during those days. With reliable leak protection and unbeatable comfort, I no longer worry about period mishaps and feel at ease at all times.”
Gentle Day period panties gusset detail

Can period panties really make that much of a difference in someone’s life?

According to many people who have tried the device, including Julia, it can and it does. 

“I recently switched to Gentle Day period panties and I have to say, I'm really impressed. They're incredibly comfortable and soft, and the absorbency is amazing. I wore them for an entire day and didn't experience any leaks or discomfort. I also love the stylish design - they're like regular panties but with added protection.” – Emma S.

“Being able to wear light-colored clothing during my period was always a struggle, but these Gentle Day period panties have completely changed the game for me. I can even wear my favorite white jeans without any worries of leaks. I am so impressed!” – Laura M.

“Amazing! I wore them during a heavy flow day and had no leaks or issues whatsoever, even while wearing them to the gym and to work. The fabric is soft and breathable, and the fit is perfect - I forget I'm even wearing period products. – Laura L.


What is it and how does it work? 

Introducing period panties, a revolutionary invention by Vilmante, the founder and creator of this remarkable product. With a patented gusset function, these panties were born out of a personal experience that Vilmante encountered while traveling with her friends in an RV. It was during this trip that she woke up one morning to find herself in a distressing situation—a puddle of blood on the mattress. This embarrassing incident motivated Vilmante to embark on a mission: to develop panties that could effectively protect not only herself but also her daughter, who faced similar challenges and lacked confidence during menstruation while attending school.


Now, with Vilmante's period panties, leaks are a thing of the past. These innovative undergarments offer unparalleled protection and comfort, allowing women and girls to face their periods with confidence and peace of mind. Don't let menstruation hold you back any longer—experience the freedom and security that comes with wearing Gentle Day’s period panties.

Gentle Day period panties are a type of reusable underwear designed to offer 100% protection during your period. They feature multiple layers of moisture-wicking and absorbent fabric that can hold up to 4 tampons' worth of fluid. 

The panties can also be used with additional pads or tampons for extra safety, but often, they're enough on their own. One of the most remarkable features of these panties is that they allow you to hide your pad wings, so they are not visible from the outside. This provides a level of privacy and confidence that is often hard to achieve with traditional menstrual products.

Gentle Day menstrual panties have a sewn-in moisture-proof cotton layer covered with a TPU or PUL membrane on the front and back of the panty. This material is ecological and Oeko-Tex® certified. The membrane is air-permeable, but at the same time impermeable to liquids. 

The exceptional quality, ecologically certified material made of cellulose is air-permeable, absorbs well, thus creating a less favorable environment for bacteria to multiply. Long-lasting softness helps skin feel pleasantly cool and dry day and night.

One of the main benefits of using Gentle Day period panties is that they're incredibly comfortable. The soft and breathable fabric conforms to your body, providing a secure and snug fit. 

Overall, Gentle Day period panties provide reliable protection against leaks, while also being eco-friendly, comfortable, and hygienic.


But… is it really worth all the hype?

So far, these panties have been sold over 10 000+ units directly to customers, even without the help of being sold in stores. It has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available. 


Gentle Day offers a wide range of other innovative, high-quality, and hypoallergenic menstrual products, including menstrual cups, tampons, pads, and underwear. Many people who have tried these products have given them 5-star ratings:

"I have been using the Gentle Day menstrual cup for several months now and I can't imagine ever going back to tampons. It's so convenient, comfortable, and eco-friendly. It's also very easy to use and clean. I love that I can wear it for up to 12 hours without having to worry about leakage or changing it. Highly recommend!" – Simona L.

"I have been using the Gentle Day pads for a while now, and I must say, they're fantastic. They are very comfortable and don't irritate my skin at all. The anion strip in the pads are a great addition, as it helps to neutralize any unpleasant odors and promotes a healthier vaginal environment. Additionally, the pads are very absorbent and I've never had any leaks, which is a huge relief." - Maria P.

"I was nervous about trying a menstrual cup, but the Gentle Day cup has exceeded my expectations. It's very easy to insert and remove, and it's so comfortable that I forget I'm even wearing it. It's also very reliable - I've never had any leaks or issues with it." – Elena S.

After Julia’s story, I wondered if the Gentle Day period panties could help me, too. 

As a mother of two teenage daughters, I understand the challenges that come with menstruation. I know firsthand how uncomfortable and inconvenient it can be, and how it can affect every aspect of our lives.

I also know that my daughters face a different set of challenges than I did when I was their age. They have to navigate their periods in a world where social media and peer pressure are constantly telling them how they should look and act. They have to deal with the fear of leaks and the embarrassment that comes with it.

I've seen how my daughters restrict themselves during their periods, not wearing certain clothes or participating in activities they love because they don't feel comfortable. It breaks my heart to see them miss out on things because of something that is beyond their control.

That's why I wanted to try Gentle Day period panties not only for them but for myself too. Like Julia, I was intrigued by the overwhelming number of positive reviews and thought it was worth a try. 

The delivery was faster than I expected - I was very eager to try it out.

Firstly, I found this particular model to be super comfortable thanks to its gentle and breathable material. The fabric used for this design is soft on the skin and has good air permeability, which made it easy to wear for extended periods. Additionally, the high-waisted style panties provided a secure fit that gently wrapped around my waist and hips, preventing any unwanted leakage.

Secondly, these reusable panties are so easy to clean. Somehow, I thought it’s going to be harder. After use, I simply rinse them with cold water and put them in the washing machine

Finally, with extra protection from Gentle Day pads on heavy flow days these panties really do prevent leakage! They have a superior absorbency that can hold up to 4 tampons worth of liquid, making them reliable for even the heaviest days. The absorbent layer is strategically placed in the crotch area and extends up to the back waistband, ensuring complete protection from front to back.

UPDATE: 3 months with the Gentle Day menstrual panties.

I can confidently say that there's no going back to regular panties while on my period!

These Gentle Day period panties have been a game-changer for me and my daughters, providing reliable protection and comfort during our menstrual cycles. 

My daughters have been especially happy, as they've allowed them to feel more comfortable going to school and even participating in gym class during their menstrual cycle. They've mentioned that they feel stylish and confident, and appreciate the reliable protection.

My daughters also loved the hidden pad wings function - for more protection or a more discreet look. It also holds the pad (if you’re wearing one for additional protection) more stable. 

After using Gentle Day period panties for a few months, I not only appreciated their reliable protection and comfort but also realized they are a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Unlike disposable pads or tampons, these panties can be washed and reused, which not only saves money in the long run but also reduces waste. It's a win-win situation! Additionally, knowing that I'm not contributing to the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products is a great feeling.

Also, I forgot to mention that another fantastic thing about these panties is that they come in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to XXL. This means that no matter your body type, you can find a comfortable and reliable fit. It's truly impressive that they cater to such a diverse range of sizes, making them accessible and inclusive for everyone.

In conclusion, Gentle Day period panties are truly revolutionizing the menstrual cycle experience. They provide unbeatable comfort and superior leak protection, all while empowering girls and women to live their lives without worry. With these panties, we can now study, work out, travel, and do everything else we love to do without the fear of embarrassing leaks or discomfort. It's incredible how something as simple as a pair of panties can make such a big difference in our lives. I am thrilled to have discovered this innovative and life-changing product, both for me and my daughters, and I encourage every girl and woman out there to give them a try!

I loved these panties so much, I decided to try other Gentle Day products too. So far I have tried their menstrual cup, and I have to say it's been amazing, and high quality too. 

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