Organic Cotton Tampons REGULAR

Organic Cotton Tampons REGULAR

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Gentle Day® tampons are made from organic cotton which helps prevent skin irritations, allergic reactions and exposure to harmful chemicals – better for your health and the environment. Certified organic according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and ICEA (Instituto Certificazione Ambientale e Etica).
• 100% Organic Cotton made without residues, harsh chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.
• Hypo-allergenic, which helps prevent the risk of irritations – clinically tested.
• Chlorine and Dioxin free – no chlorine is used in the bleaching process.
• Synthetic FREE – helps to prevent irritation.
• The absorbent core is wrapped in a hypo-allergenic “safety veil” which prevents fibers from remaining inside your body and provides smooth surface.
• Perfume free.
• Biodegradable
• Made in Spain

How are Gentle Day® tampons different from others?

• Most of the Tampons available in the market are made with Viscose or Rayon. Gentle Day® tampons are made of Organic Certified Cotton. Viscose or rayon can contain harsh chemicals that can accumulate inside the body. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, irradiation or genetic engineering.
• Gentle Day® tampons are wrapped in a hypo-allergenic veil that we call the “security veil” which ensures that the tampon structure avoids fiber loss and creates a smooth surface. VISCOSE or RAYON materials make tampons more dangerous because they contain highly-absorbent fibers. Therefore tampons which don’t have a full “security veil” are not protected from fiber loss. These fibers stick to the vaginal wall (mainly during the last days of the period when the channel is not so lubricated). In turn, fibers left behind can create a favourable environment for the growth of the bacteria that cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). This is UNFAVORABLE FOR ANY WOMEN.
• Gentle Day® tampons are chlorine free, dioxin free and perfume free. Regular tampons and sanitary towels contains dangerous chemicals that are potentially harmful to women's health, especially chlorine bleached tampons. They can contain dioxin which is a by-product of chlorine. Dioxin is closely linked to cancer. Thus, dioxin’s toxic and carcinogenic qualities may also damage women’s reproductive systems. It is related to endometriosis and can even alter the immune system.
• Gentle Day® tampons are tested by external labs, certified as Hypo-allergenic and “non irritant”, and registered by US FDA.

Why it is important to choose the right absorbency tampon?
In order to reduce the risks of menstrual TOXIC SHOCK SINDROME (TSS) use tampons with the lowest absorbency necessary to cover your needs and change your tampon regularly every 3-6 hours. You can also alternate between Gentle Day® highly absorbent sanitary pads and tampons at least once a day.
TSS can arise when our body detects a strange element inside of us. The symptoms that indicate possible TSS infection are the following: sudden, high fever (39ºC/102F or higher), dizziness, vomiting, fainting, muscle aches, skin irritations similar to sunburn.
Not all symptoms may be present, just some. It can advance rapidly with flu-like symptoms, to a serious illness with fatal consequences. If you have one or more of these symptoms, remove the tampon immediately and see your doctor.

What are absorption capacities?
Tampon absorbency is noted on the packages by the number of drops. There are 3 levels of absorbency:
2 drops (absorbs 6-9 g) - Regular for days with moderate flow (yellow color on the package)
3 drops (absorbs 9-12 g) - Super for days with heavy flow (green color on the package)
4 drops (absorbs 12-15 g) - Super Plus for days with extremely heavy flow (blue color on the package)

When to use tampons?
The best time to use tampons is when you are doing sports, in water, in a sauna, or when you need extra protection. To feel more protected when using tampons, use a Gentle Day® pantiliner which will protect you from light bleeding. Use Gentle Day® overnight pads during the night or at times when you know that you will not be able to regularly change tampon (after 4-6 hours). The absorbency of these pads is very high which will protect you from overflow, and an anion strip will reduce bad odor and protect the pad from bacteria multiplication.

Did you know?
The vaginal mucous absorbs chemicals quicker than other types of bodily mucous. The average woman uses about 12000 tampons or pads in her lifetime, that’swhich is why it is so important that they use the best and most natural materials (especially for tampons which are placed internally).
Most tampons are made from viscose or rayon. They can contain such harmful chemicals as dioxin.
Viscose is a cellulose fiber which goes through harsh chemical treatments.
Viscose loses its strength when wet. This may lead to fiber shedding during removal of the tampon. The fibers may be the cause of infections.
It’s best to use organic cotton tampons as they do NOT contain harmful chemicals.