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Innovative period panties to protect you from leaks

Yin/Yang TENCEL™ Leakproof Lace Bikini

Yin/Yang TENCEL™ Leakproof Lace Bikini

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  • Regular gusset
  • TENCEL™ modal

Introducing our bikini period underwear, designed based on popular demand for an unrestricted yet confident cycle experience. Made with double-layer Tencel™ modal fabric, it promises a snug fit without lace digging in. This GENIAL panty feature three absorbent layers—two cotton and one bamboo/polyester—for optimal flow absorption. The shorter crotch's in the back reduces sweat, ensuring freshness even on hot days. With an absorbency up to 5 tampons, you're covered without needing extra protection. And if you do use a pad, the wings tuck discreetly away, in line with our patented GENTLE DAY range.


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        ✔ GENIAL period underwear can be worn alone or in addition to tampons, pads, or menstrual cup.
        ✔ Made with thin, breathable, and gentle to your body, sustainably produced TENCEL™ fibers.
        ✔ A specially designed and patented floating gusset will accommodate a pad with wings in case you decide to wear it with a pad.


        • Outer layer: sustainably made 92% TENCEL™ Modal (by Lenzing™), 8% elastane
        • Gusset: 100% cotton, 80% bamboo, 20% polyester.
        • Inner layer: 100% cotton covered with water-resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) certified by OEKO-TEX®

        TENCEL™ Modal made of natural material - beech wood. The fibers are biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions so they can fully revert to nature.
        • Designed and patented in Europe. Responsibly made in ethically responsible factory in China.


        - It is recommended that you wash your period panties with cold water and soap before the first use.

        - Pre-rinse in cold water to remove blood stains. Handwash in cold or warm water or in a washing machine with similar colours. Do not chlorine bleach. Do not dry in a dryer. Do not boil. Do not iron. Avoid vigorous wringing. 

        - Hand to dry.



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        Protection From Leaks

        Leak-proof and certified for your peace of mind

        GENTLE DAY® period panties feature an OEKO-TEX®100 certified leak-proof cotton layer with a TPU or PUL membrane on the front and back of the gusset. This membrane is air-permeable, but also prevents liquid leaks, providing reliable protection for any occasion.

        Gusset Innovation

        Discreet protection: Provides discreet protection by absorbing the flow when worn alone, and hiding pad wings when worn with a pad.

        Leak-proof technology: The cotton fabric absorbs blood or urine, while the TPU layer prevents leaks and protects your clothes.

        Secure and comfortable: You can go about your day and sleep with confidence and peace of mind.

        Stay Stress-free All Day and All Night Long

        Say goodbye to stained clothes and mattresses and experience frustration-free periods and bladder leaks with our innovative leak-proof underwear.

        Imagine the peace of mind you'll have when you no longer have to worry about embarrassing leaks.


          The only period panties feature a crotch with pockets to hide pad wings if it is worn with a pad.


          We have designed these panties so you can wear them with backup, or without any. Absorbent layers can absorb up to 6 tampons.


          We use natural fabrics like TENCEL™ modal, bamboo, and cotton with a protective TPU layer that is OEKO-TEX® certified, so you don't have to be wary about any harmful chemicals.

        Easy to care

        Period panties are easy to care for. Simply rinse with cold water and you can machine wash or hand wash using detergent. Do not bleach or tumble dry.


        How does Leakproof period underwear work?

        Our Leakproof period panties feature triple-layer technology that ensures you stay confident and protected. The inner layers of the gusset absorb the flow or pee, and the leak-proof outer layer keeps any liquid from spotting your clothes or mattresses.

        What do the different absorbency levels mean?

        Most of our Leakproof period underwear can absorb 2-6 regular tampons worth, which is about 15-40 ml of liquid. 1 regular tampon absorbency equals 6 ml.

        Light absorbency

        Great for light period days or when you're expecting your period. Absorbs approximately 12 ml, or the equivalent of 2 regular tampons worth of liquid.

        Medium absorbency

        For those with light to medium flow. If you have a heavier flow, wear it with a backup like a pad or tampon. Absorbs approximately 24 ml or the equivalent of 4 tampons worth of liquid.

        Heavy absorbency

        For those with medium flow. Absorbs approximately 30 ml or the equivalent of 5 tampons worth of liquid.

        Super absorbency

        Ideal for those with heavy flow, these can replace other products for both day and night use. Absorbs approximately 40 ml or the equivalent of 6-7 tampons worth of liquid.

        What is the difference between Leakproof Underwear and Regular Underwear?

        Even if it looks like your regular undies, our Leakproof Period Underwear features a patented gusset with a leakproof layer and can absorb between 2 to 7 tampons worth of liquid, providing you with confident protection against period leaks, and light bladder leaks.
        Our EiVi Cotton Underwear features a double layer gusset with pockets to hide pad wings, but they do not provide any leakproof protection.

        Which of your models are best for sleeping?

        It depends on your preferred sleeping position. If you primarily sleep on your back, we recommend choosing panties with an extended back gusset, such as our Leakproof Hi-waist and Leakproof Boyshorts. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, we suggest opting for Leakproof Boyshorts. However, the front gusset of our Leakproof Hi-waist panties extends quite high in the front, so if you prefer that model, you can also wear them for a comfortable night's sleep.

        Are your Leakproof period underwear good for light bladder leaks?

        Yes! Women like wearing out undies to prevent light bladder leaks.

        They absorb up to 25 ml of liquid and feature anti-odour properties to keep you feeling confident.

        What is TENCEL™ Modal fabric?

        TENCEL™ Modal is super soft, eco-friendly fabric made from regenerative plants, produced using less water and fewer chemicals. This fabric is originated from Austria.

        How long are the gussets in Leakproof underwear?

        Depending on the size and style of underwear, the leakproof gusset ranges from around 15 cm – 22cm in the front, and 37cm to 44 cm overall. Some models have extended gusset up to the waistline both - in the front and in the back, and some have shorter gusset in the front. Please see the product pictures, and our icons, which explain where extended gusset is.

        Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with Leakproof underwear?

        The absorbency level of our Leakproof period underwear, as well as the heaviness of your menstrual flow, will determine whether you can wear our panties on their own or as backup protection alongside a menstrual cup, pad, or tampon. Our leakproof panties are unique because you can wear the pad while tucking in the wings in the gusset pockets, thereby preventing leaks and discreetly hiding the wings.

        How do I wash Leakproof period underwear?

        Washing your period underwear is a simple process. We have designed our products to be effortless to wash and care for. If you prefer, you can rinse your stained panties in cold water, and for optimal results, machine wash them on a cold cycle using mild detergent. Finally, tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Don't use softener or bleach, and never machine dry or iron.

        What panties model should I choose?

        Our customers have played an integral role in the development of every style of period underwear that we offer. The best style for you is the one that suits your needs and preferences. When selecting period panties, approach it just like you would with regular underwear. The only additional consideration is the protection level.

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